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Dreams Don’t Have Deadlines, it is what DDHD stands for. Our podcast is here to listen to the stories of those that have chased their dreams, never given up & and through trials & tribulations were they able to make those dreams come true. Co-hosted Canadian Rapper ROCHESTER ”Juice” & Comedian Marwan Mouneimne, they interview guests that have walked that DDHD path to share their journey with our community of dreamers.

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2 days ago

Join us as we peer into the future of entertainment and unveil our predictions for the top entertainers of 2024! From rising stars to industry veterans, we explore the talents poised to shine in the coming year. Get ready for an insider's look at the hottest names in the world of entertainment and see who we believe will dominate the spotlight in 2024. Don't miss out on this exciting glimpse into the future of stardom!
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Sunday Apr 21, 2024

This episode focuses on celebrating remarkable individuals who have achieved significant milestones and made noteworthy contributions in their fields over the past year. The discussion includes a variety of dreamers, from musicians like Killer Mike, who had a standout year at the Grammys, to actors such as Brendan Fraser, who won an Oscar for his role in 'The Whale'. The hosts delve into each individual's journey, highlighting their struggles, breakthroughs, and the impact of their work. They also touch upon other artists and performers like Victoria Monet, Max Verstappen, Shea Gildress Alexander, Shannon Sharp, Kat Williams, Michelle Yeoh, K Huy Quan, Conor Price, Lukala, Dave Mahej, and Usher, discussing their contributions and achievements. This motivational episode aims to inspire listeners by showcasing the diverse paths to success and the importance of resilience, creativity, and hard work.
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00:00 Celebrating Dreamers and Their Achievements
00:20 Spotlight on Killer Mike: From Dungeon Family to Grammy Success
04:08 Victoria Monet's Triumph: Winning Big at the Grammys
07:26 Max Verstappen: Dominating the F1 Circuit
08:35 SGA's Rise in the NBA: A Story of Determination
09:47 Shannon Sharp's Podcast & Kat Williams' Comeback
15:08 Brandon Fraser's Oscar Win: A Hollywood Comeback Story
17:55 Emerging Stars: From Conor Price to Lukala
24:18 Honorable Mentions: Celebrating Diverse Achievements
26:52 Conclusion: Reflecting on Inspirational Stories

Wednesday Feb 21, 2024

In this episode of our "Where We At" series, we take our viewers behind the scenes with our Director, Dwayne Graham. Dwayne shares valuable insights into the world of videography and the important role of work ethic in artistic pursuits. Beyond discussing his journey from Jamaica to Toronto, he emphasizes the value of taking the creative leap and embracing failure. The team also discusses the collaborative process, the significance of relationships in business, and the crucial role audio quality plays in a successful podcast. Follow Dwayne on Instagram at https://instagram.com/thashowtime Follow DDHD Podcast on Instagram at https://instagram.com/ddhdpodcastChapters; 00:00 The Artistic Journey and Work Ethic 01:22 Intro 03:18 Behind the Scenes: The Role of a Director 07:29 The Importance of Audio in Podcasts 13:15 The Power of Teamwork in Podcast Production 16:40 Value of Time and Money 17:29 Importance of Relationships in Career 17:53 Beginning of Video Career in Toronto 19:45 Journey from Jamaica to Canada 21:19 Turning Point: Choosing a Different Path 23:21 Inspirations and Aspirations 25:08 Advice for Aspiring Videographers 29:27 Taking the Leap into Full-Time Videography 31:31 Final Thoughts: Why Dreams Don't Have Deadlines

Wednesday Feb 07, 2024

In this enriching episode of the DDHD podcast, the host dives deep into a conversation with Bryan Brock, a recognized creative entrepreneur, graphic designer and street photographer. Bryan recounts his early interest in music and art, his journey through various design projects, including Kardi and DVSN, his experiences in event hosting with iconic Toronto parties like Nostalgia and Shuffle, and how he ventured into street photography. He shares his perspective on the necessity of being authentic in all areas of creative work and the valve of perseverance in turning dreams into reality. The episode also explores Bryan's longtime involvement as a mentor with the Remix Project and some incredible behind-the-scenes stories. Follow Bryan on Instagram; https://instagram.com/byranbrock_ Check out his website at; https://bryan-brock.com/ Follow DDHD on Instagram; https://instagram.com/ddhdpodcastChapters;00:00 Intro to Bryan Brock 02:50 Moving to Toronto and Building Connections 05:10 Challenges and Triumphs of Being an Artist 08:48 Transitioning to Toronto's Music Scene 14:17 The Journey of Being an Entrepreneur 21:45 The Importance of Authenticity in Career 28:48 The Success of One Love T.O. Merchandise 33:28 Collaborations and Impact 34:42 Reflections and Regrets 36:03 The End of an Era 39:03 Mentorship and Impact at The Remix Project 45:19 Creating Iconic Parties 50:54 Graphic Design and Creative Direction 56:41 Rediscovering the Artist Within 01:02:01 Final Thoughts and Advice 01:04:36 Why Dreams Don't Have Deadlines

Wednesday Jan 24, 2024

Join August Rigo, a multifaceted artist known for his vocals, lyrics, and music production as he takes you through his roller-coaster journey in the music industry. From humbly crafting tunes at his house, experiencing life with a mentally unstable producer, to making waves in New York and breaking big in the industry–August shares it all. The conversation also takes a deep dive into his experiences of working with A-list artists like Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, One Direction, and the struggle to balance creativity with industry expectations. Interwoven in these stories are the impacts of his Filipino identity and the value of resilience, passion, and positivity in achieving success. Follow August on Instagram; https://instagram.com/augamatic/ Listen to August's music on Spotify; https://open.spotify.com/artist/0j4KkLX4P2OPMJfXcatbQ3?si=LtiUIqQNQ2O2PQmELP9WjA Follow DDHD on Instagram; https://instagram.com/ddhdpodcast/ You can watch this episode on Youtube; https://youtu.be/8laogFPgOt8Chapters; 00:00:00 Intro to August Rigo 00:04:58 Early Music Career and Influences 00:09:37 Journey to New York and Initial Struggles 00:14:06 Encounter with Music Industry Giants 00:17:15 Unsettling Experience in Atlanta 00:29:39 Return to New York and Future Plans 00:34:47 Virginia 00:39:54 Navigating the Music Industry 00:41:32 A Surprise Call from Australia 00:45:40 Return to the States 01:06:30 Lost in the Sauce: Early Songwriting Struggles 01:07:54 Master of All Trades: Embracing Versatility in Songwriting 01:10:05 Perseverance: The Key to Success in the Music Industry 01:13:16 The Power of Positivity 01:19:12 Impact of Race in the Music Industry & Being Filipino 01:16:24 Reflecting on Personal Growth and Achievements01:25:44 The Power of Positivity: Overcoming Negativity in the Industry01:31:39 Persistence and Determination01:42:42 Why Dreams Don't Have Deadlines?

Wednesday Jan 10, 2024

In today's episode we explore the challenges and triumphs in Big Norm Alconcel's journey in this engaging podcast. As a comedian and former cannabis connoisseur, Norm shares insightful experiences from his career in comedy and the cannabis industry, highlighting his infamous journey in Taiwan. Through stories of adversity in a Taiwanese cell, a shift towards sobriety and his continual strive towards comedy, Norm brings to life a narrative of resilience and adaptability. Expect inspiring advice for aspiring comics, promoting authenticity and the importance of finding one's voice. Tune in to not only delve into Norm's past but also his positive perspective on life and future goals. You can follow Big Norm on Instagram; https://www.instagram.com/bignormalconcel/ You can also keep up with his Linktree for Upcoming Shows & more; https://linktr.ee/normalconcel Follow DDHD Podcast on Instagram; https://www.instagram.com/ddhdpodcast/ Or Tiktok; https://tiktok.com/@ddhdpodcast You can also support us with getting some DDHD Merch :) https://www.ddhdpodcast.com/store

Wednesday Nov 29, 2023

In today's episode we sit down with Linsday Durney, the Managing Director & Partner of Public Office, a very successful Toronto based Creative Agency. Lindsay shares her experience in the corporate world, from being an assistant on sets, to becoming a Producer, and eventually finding the right partners at Public Office. Lindsay is such a go-getter, lives and breathes the motto of "no excuses" and reminds us why people like her are successful. She also reminds us how important it is to be honest with the people you work with and how patience can be a real value. Visit Public Office's website at https://www.wearepublicoffice.com/ Follow them on instagram at https://www.instagram.com/wearepublicoffice/

Wednesday Nov 08, 2023

DJ Agile opens up about his music journey, Brassmunk days, Juno nominations, DJ etiquette, and prolific production work with top artists like Nas, Jully Black & more. He also discusses his return to music production and collaboration with Kardinal Offishall, offering a unique glimpse into his remarkable career. Don't miss this exclusive interview with a music industry veteran who's still making waves. Follow DJ Agile on Instagram at; https://instagram.com/djagile

Thursday Oct 19, 2023

When a goofy teen comedian ventures into music, meet Russell, a Canadian artist who defies the mold. From a rapper to a singer, he's navigated the Canadian hip hop scene, even outshining Drake on MySpace. His journey unveils tales of personal growth, influenced by his Filipino and Trini roots and the loss of his mother. He sheds light on fame's challenges, authenticity, and relentless pursuit of dreams. As Russell launches his podcast "Dreams," he emphasizes self-identity and creative fulfillment. Witness his transition from rapper to singer, and his ongoing passion. This episode is an inspiring testament to dreamers in any field. --------- EPISODE CHAPTERS ---------(0:00:00) - It's Never Too Late (0:00:36) - Our Sponsor for Today (Cafeteca) (0:01:11) - Russell's Journey(0:09:07) - Influences and Cultural Identity (0:16:09) - Filipino and Trini Culture (0:24:14) - Influence of Canadian Hip Hop Culture (0:36:45) - Fame and Authenticity in Music Industry (0:39:53) - Navigating the Music Industry (0:49:42) - Transitioning From Rapping to Singing (0:58:20) - Navigating Musical Identity & Creative Fulfillment (1:07:37) - Music, Album, and Artistic Influence (1:11:53) - Mother's Cancer and Personal Struggles (1:22:05) - Finding Purpose (1:33:40) - Why Dreams Don't Have Deadlines Follow RUSSELL! Instagram: https://instagram.com/russellislovely


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